a zettabyte age exam

eh. the best way to deal with ‘drugs’ is
  1. more force and incarceration
  2. more connection with nature and (contextualized meaningful intelligent witty creative) community
  3. jesus
  4. social media
  5. let it sort itself out
  6. eliminate the poor
  7. decriminalize and put in place support policies and procedures
  8. put the medical and pharmaceutical establishments in jail
  9. shut up and let me get high
  10. put the politicians and lawyers in jail
  11. another world war
  12. lobotomies
  13. ayahuasca ceremonies monthly for all
  14. all of the above
Be. the most important world event in 1913/14 was
  1. classical art’s breakdown becomes obvious
  2. outbreak of ww1
  3. war on drugs begins (harrison narcotics act)
  4. luisa f ratatouille is born in a st louis ghetto
  5. something else

seaseesí. by 2018 the cracks in the foundation which the movements referenced in question Be. revealed to various seers in the past century have become defects so large the human habitat is barely able to stand. strongmen around the world as last desperate measures attempt to place themselves as futile substitutes for the relations with earth that once sustained us

compose 9 10000 word works
each with a notably different perspective and format responding to the above paragraph

fore. the radical rise in opiate (etc) issues addictions deaths costs the past 10 – 20 years demonstrates a very real risk that growing vast and interrelated complexities have become larger, more potent, than humanity, highlighting weaknesses we refuse to competently face …

using this theme
create a multimedia installation
placing it in a central square/location of
one of the world’s 50 largest cities
do performance art around/in
this installation for at least 2 hours every day
4 days a week
40 weeks a year
until you’re arrested

#ex  the amount of time it would take one person to watch all video that traverses global ip networks in one month – 5 million years. begin

+*#@%: in the 12th century hildegard of bingen invented a constructed language – lingua ignota. learn the language and use only it to communicate from now until your death

hell. although no one can go back and make a new start anyone can start now and make a new end. who said this? why? compare and contrast with although no one can go back and make a new fart anyone can fart now and make a new bender

nein nicht nayen. step by step we find that all the things we think bacteria don’t do they actually do … it’s displacing us from our pedestal. what is meant here by pedestal? discuss the relationship between bacteria and pedestals. do not use singulars

dao! is the future lithoheterotrophy? defend

please submit your finished work to heloise at the zendo project
note that no phds will be issued anywhere without successful completion of this exam



the number of humans per 100000 incarcerated in the (notus)US?
wow. that means something
                  #2 in the world. just behind seychelles. which may be losing in this game because of somali pirates

de a de in odd
and add an i
to get an oid

but do not be annoyed
by adonai or deities
we all are oddonoids
{eidenoids as sub last word
a pun of doublevision for the patapossessed
or edenoids
for the hopeful}

as we worship the future through youth with vast hysteria and shortterm investments history rather than disappearing dominates more voraciously through subterranean cultural subterfuges hardly anyone gets because history now like everything is just another brand. what species is this! what dream and subversion are required to detour through that morass of crushing time and our otiose slavishness to religious barbarism – though inevitably in new clothes (religions wardrobe its chief intelligence)

who said utopia isnt a real spot? – it’s the place of noplace and creating noplaces is as easy as yī'èrsān

the leek speaks
wo yu sai

evolutions (conjugations) in poetry

in art why would i write in normalese the language of the oppressors? i write in other tungs among them misfitese madish oneirican …

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social media  new ways to exploit fear insecurity greed

the object of fear must be objectified?

from sadoo hirpyz's hornbook 
ana did a pap test
ana did a bap test
ana did a bap tist
ana did a baptist
and became an anabaptist

and in all these verisimilitudes usus appears to be of the same kind as isis. they should get together and create bad grammar

and for the middles and the caesars and maybe even for time ... otium cum dignitate ...


could it think the heart would stop beating

the dangers of decay are the dangers of a sentimentalized fear

mysticism is psychic holography

lifes goal seems to become as rotten as possible so that when one dies theres nothing left to rot

i have no rest from a consciousness that primarily seems conscious of itself as conscious of an anarchically diffuse and paltry consciousness

i must tremble if the possibility of play no longer attracts me

the plant intrudes in the human and speaks inside

dying is a mode of seeing the invisible

holding within word
languages of earth

the only legitimate autobiography would be one with dozens of prefaces introductions forewords postfaces prologues preambles epigraphs afterwords prolegomena conclusions postscripts addenda with little consistency (thematic stylistic chronological …)      no body to speak of

hornbook of sadoo hirpyz
for those new to planet earth
wishing instruction in the ways of the human
a brief version of a multivolume treatise on the practice of law
to prime students in the application of dimensions and the geometry of time
through case studies

in this age of relentless and pervasive light sound communication our craving for the darkness of incomprehensibility increases commensurately

i do not renew i denew  i am full of denewments

transcendence is the mathematics of the souls geometry

writing literacy from literacys grave

the world              make your voice count
i                             0 17 81 257 912


fuck billy graham

who rode the wonderbread ass of christianity into the evening redness of the west
who could not be friends with women and stuck them under his horny dominioned thumb
who had to die at 3x the age of his subversive lord
while clinging to capitalism’s wretched raft on exploitation’s infinite sea
who now is not past some pearly gates on streets of stolen gold (or even in one of many hells from alighieri's to shaw's to zurn's)
but with the 107,602,707,791 other humans, food for worms
who surely seems rock hudson’s closet lover
whose life resembled your average middling amerikan ceo or entertainer and not at all his subversive lord and master
who never once did ayahuasca
who killed so many cows and flew in so many planes, laundering these common genocides with the inane blab of his pimp the lord jesus christ of the republic of the disunited hates of amerika
who swooned under the barbaric voice of his own subscription to stupidity
who belonged to if anything the pumping party of regressive consciousness and lollipop cliché
who participated calculatingly and naively as the rich in the growing treacherous gap between word and earth
fuck you
fuck you billy billy billy billy
fuck you in the ass of asses forever and ever


fientive honorificabilitudinitatibi