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[i], …
thisthat i that is (isnot) thatthis we (& not& notor or) they you it her him (notwe notit …)
turned to death like avocados
holding our painjoy loveblob like an ambivalently anticipated foetus
                  {so many negations}
i am not the iota and the zeta
i am an iota
                  {has this growing heap of maps made any difference?}
aside from common base animal survivalist functions which mindlessly tyrannically inform us our preservation is essential – though reason knows it isn’t and consciousness may suggest our annihilation is essential or at least more necessary than its perpetuation  – what of this species we’re cast into is worthy of continuance and can this worth (if it exists) be fostered without what has seemed to this point to be its inevitable violent and oppressive corollaries?
they go   she goes like nairobi giraffes in a tesla dream   you go to the destroyed wilderness to images of the dream and death
  world whose mute noise struts a random script
  words whose laughter hides a bloody game
  time that bit of celery stuck between some teeth
  offending doctors in a dream
but dreams (these horrors speaking grammars incompatible)
offend themselves in nests no bird would nest
what are the measures of a culture’s robustness and security?
and we (cards in shuffling decks) ourselves
seem unoffended by offense’s defense
he (but is it he?) goes too   we all with revolutionary crotches go   you go (and goes nature that woebegotten word) to dreams so old or new humans aren’t even missing
its choreography of the voices of the othervoiced?
so this is that and it is she or zeta’s death and mute the bird
or not (but who can tell?)
{science like a myth portends to tell}
{the merriment you hear is false  it is not genuine  it is empty}
that nutribullet’s waiting for me like an armistice
and visions like an outhouse being dug
the unmeasurable?

… continue in that way of uncontinuing unways of sadoo


almost anything was possible except of course the actual

almost anything was possible
except of course the actual
 almost anything was possibal
except of course the actule
 almond many things were posse bulls
accept off course the acts (oh well)
 all monde money pings wore aussie bull
axe it quaff coarse free sax orwell
 awl monday monkey brings sore bossy pills
knack knicks doff horse see sex nor bell 
will one day gong for thee
            her relocation to paris was excruciating giving her a frightful memory of arriving in that grey inhumane sad city   she did not get along with her fellow students at the sorbonne – classes there were stupid antiquated abstract scandalously unsuited for lofty needs
aging   a mildly funny running longstanding joke that we humans – perhaps our chief distinction and most underused asset – have the capacity to advance subvert (this subversion of a subversion)  our (primary) task to tweak this gag that in the accumulations of time seems to permit fewer manoeuvrings requiring greater prosthetics to simulate expansions which (in their functional unrealities) engender our requirement – these imaginary adjustments in wits delirious machineries
a life – if allowed to flourish – is always unforgivable
 … taken by and large and with little change through the rhetorics of progress humanity hates humans of culture until they are dead
signs of the titanic sinking   inadequate materials preparation classism sexism greed disorganization …
                  extending with little effort to the boaty human artifice we presently bob in on unfathomable voids … unprepared disorganized fragmented -isms of every description greedy beyond all capacities clinging to any semblance of intelligence or wisdom blindly thrusting forward into alleys of icebergs we do not see so full we are of our own petty grandeur …
the centidog – surely the koreans or chinese (it must be them) should invent the ~100-legged dog if they haven’t already   close to the ground longfur nodiscernibleface (covered by hair) legs barely visible scurrying everywhere going nowhere a hybrid perfection of pethorror
  1. there are the poor students of maps
  1.    those who study in some manner of degree and definition better than poorly (or the poorly as so presented as poor in that above 1) so as to master those who study less   poor poor students
  1.      and those others   given the task of garbage   about whom we should not speak
seeming a competent assemblyline worker in an iso approved facility in knowledges sad smiling industry
 let us enter together ,love, that glottalia of dreams
after marmaladé
after verlame
after more eau
after de che vanities
after our own wurst
after all subtle colour and nervous rhythm
after the faint mixed tints
what more is possible?
after us the savage god
·    trace in words tracings of gods evolutions
·       trekdetour around capitalisms freeways
·       record in language geometries of sensation
·       establish an informal school of interior archivists devoted to records and artefacts of invisible factories whose business is an aestheticization of movement
·       run and hide and run from societys savage packs until trapped
·       attempt to become a passable thespian on stages of myself
·       break into a crypt of god in our citys heart to perform obscure autopsies
·       codify curricula for nonexistent disciplines and faculties
·       actively belong to no group
·       translate darkness to darkness using keyboards of light
·       unite vulgarity and purity
·     reduce use of definite articles punctuation use singularities
·       forage for beauty in vast and growing human dumps
·       avoid convention trade assets integrity skill plans morality art knowledge virtue …
·       as mobility becomes stable demobilize   as stability becomes routinized desettle
·       master addiction to everything
·       nurture unalterable circumferences
·       feed human zoo
·       further guilds of anonymitys arts
·       invent landscapes (outer spaces ghettos inner spaces infinite funhouses mycelial networks ruins and phantasmagorical collapses babelian skies …) of glottalia
·       document uncommunicatings of communication
·       anonymize namings   deculture cultures of namings


copula cupola

here is a day
a day is a poem
a poem is a dream
a dream is a day

here are you
you are notyou
notyou is an i
an i is a question

here is death
death is a doubt
a doubt is a bird
a bird is a vision

there is a song
resembling a doubt
hiding in me
and i in a day


eimei nijūhasshūku

free me from science
not that i can believe stupid things
but so poetry can find a ground in me

free me from facts
not that i can misrepresent abuse
but so those fictions that guide life can be seen

free me from humans
not that i can live wholly apart
but so i can hear the stories of trees and clouds

free me from technology
not that i can ignore currency
but so i can remember nakedness

free me from time
not that i can escape death
but so i can feel creation