strange tales from a studio sadoo

strange tales from a studio sadoo
zhiguai transgrotesquerie fusion fuctions

from a maw came flows of highend residential appliances
featuring   mrs x fogi  mrs & mr sfitzschl  a cat  begonia
with special guest appearances by highend residential appliances

empty faces of houses
featuring   a principle of zigkagerozaji & doktor overshoe

the mistress of tellatella
featuring   the mistress of tellatella

aspects of a mostly inner life
featuring   myria kuzza al’wufus de gazar ver ylerirrura

thring theory
featuring   a new interior geometry of buggshash and lurz
with particular attention to the unspoken implications of postanthropocenism


bad math makes good drama

if geometry is melancholic deformed & curative  and if a geometry exists of all things  not just those obvious and tangible  tables footballs levels tabbies pinecones internationalspacestations  or abstract and obvious  icosahedrons tetratruncatedrhombicdodecahedrons apeirogonalhosohedros points rectangulums  but also of sanities and souls  therapies and diseases  diets and times  desires and meteorologies  our lives should rightly be transformed and unnecessary suffering abolished   as a cursory and radically partial contribution to these nascent studies we compile a list of possible processes and tasks made articulate & generative through these new knowledges

  • translates conceptually and culturally by means of ruins restoration
  • revitalizes truth through providing proportion
  • creates aesthetic ground by balancing passion with passion
  • lyrically dimensionalizes grief through harmonic articulations
  • reorients depth and superficiality by measuring the demeasuring of measure
  • fuses traditions without dissolution by re-presenting the unseen
  • justices universes by anthropomorphizing space and dishumanizing the human
  • alphabetizes vision through amalgamizing cognition & emotionality
  • replots plot by transfiguring shape
  • multidimensionalizes narrative by normalizing the aberrant
  • respacializes social relations through manufacturing inner affinities between devoiced voids
  • facilitates recurrent suicide as antic disposition
  • manifests abstraction by vividly quantifying models of subjectivity
  • transduces evil into good and so recognizes the requirement of evil as raw material while simultaneously avoiding effecting evil due to its capacity for transduction
  • replaces numerical excess  spatial disorientation  mathematical mayhem with etherized selffractionings  rerooting ones fundamental relationship to numbers and visceralizing arithmetic imagination


fog & fog talk in fog about fog

there is nothing for you here but madness

but there is nothing for me there but madness

so where will you go

here there  there here

you go to madness

i am always here

madness is always with us

what is madness

madness is herethere

madness is the going that has gone

hello nothing

hello madness

hello hello

here but you is for there


for some say that order is the way

and others chaos

and neither right

and both right

yet who could walk both and neither?

and the path of trying is the path of madness

and the path of seeing but not trying is also the path

and the path of neither trying nor seeing is madness

and the madness that is not madness is also the path

there is no path outside the path for all is path

and this is madness

there is sky and land and sea and fire

but they are dead in our hearts

we have kept them alive technically

they are dead in our hearts

the gap between coitus and dream

this is madness

the wheel that re-turns

this is madness

the dove and the oil

this is madness

the word that has forgotten how to fly

this is madness

the the that keeps theing

this too is madness

here we are

in the this and the here and the the

we shall win a prize

from the society of the nonexistent

and it shall be called onk

the prize of onk shall be ours

we shall place it high on the shelves of our soul

and dust it like rare italian marble

we shall call ourselves those of onk

and those who disdain us shall call us onkists

and there shall be a war

between the onkists and the yoophians

between the onkists and the uffuls

between the uffuls and the yoophians

between all and all

and this is madness

let us go to sleep

for we have exhausted the possibilities

but rather we have not exhausted the possibilities but they have exhausted us

for the night has gone and day is here and it is time to sleep

for we no longer know how to distinguish day and night

and this is madness

and this is the dusting

and this is madness

and here we are  the last poets

the last poets are always the last

and this is madness

we seek fog like others seek light or money or love

nothing for us here but fog

and fog is the wheel

and the wheel is the sea

the sea the hello

the hello the prize

the prize the sleep

let us sleep

and this is madness

and this is sleep

this is sleep